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Nazario Sauro, Baranzate (Milano), Lombardy, Italy, 2020.

Starting from a conceptual metaphor strictly related to theatre, such as Pirandello’s “Fourth Wall Break”, the premise on which the project was developed was that of keeping all of the emblematic characteristics of this philosophical-dramatic thinking. In fact, all of the design aspects, both interior-wise and communication-wise, were developed with a narrative and theatrical approach.

Franceschini, D., Ponzo, A., Stroffolini, G. (2020). Theatrical System, New functions for Baranzate.

The two buildings hosting the project are two small actors in the little town of Baranzate, near Milano. The church and the octagonal brick kiosk, built on the same street but some blocks apart, are physically separated in the city of Baranzate, but united as one when metaphorically interpreted as parts of a theatrical system.

The spatial elements constituting the project are linked through a re-reading of their functions and meanings in the city: the kiosk is a foyer, hence a waiting area that can also be interpreted as a ‘’pastime’’ café, a place to wait and to turn to wait into a noble action; the church is turned into a theatre, a place for showcasing, a performance venue translated into a pop-up store exhibiting and selling today’s icons; lastly the street between the two buildings is integrated in the system and becomes the theatre’s corridor, the path that connects the two moments of the client’s experience.

Franceschini, D., Ponzo, A., Stroffolini, G. (2020). The kiosk, A place for waiting.
Franceschini, D., Ponzo, A., Stroffolini, G. (2020). The Church, A pop-up store beyond belief.

All of the interiors have been developed with a strong scenographic aspect, using reconfigurable and flexible installations able to have a powerful visual impact while respecting the pre-existence, with no need of tearing down existing partitions. The project uses estrangement and altered perception as means to convey the metaphor, setting up spaces that have a strong and impactful pop aesthetic both in the interiors and along the -now pink- external corridor.

Franceschini, D., Ponzo, A., Stroffolini, G. (2020). The corridor, Narration in connection.


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