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The Crucible Ethic


Crucible Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to Art, to the creative individuals and cultures that make Art possible, and to the ephemera, which they leave behind.  We seek out and support artists, architects, filmmakers, and musicians, past and present, whose work contains the inexplicable ability to move us.  We seek out the well-made and the well-thought, in its expected and unexpected forms. We seek to nurture and we seek to explore.


The mission of Crucible Press is to construct singular monographic documents and digital experiments that explore the visual, aural and conceptual landscapes, which our artists and collaborators inhabit, made available to readers and collectors in unique, tactile forms.


The founders of Crucible Press have an extensive background in architecture, art, and exhibition design and production. Educated at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, the Architectural Association, and Princeton University, Charles Matz and Jonathan Dillon bring a uniquely nuanced and broadly experienced curatorial perspective to book-making. Having designed shows and catalogues for exhibitions in New York, Venice, Paris, London, and Prague, Mr. Matz and Mr. Dillon now seek to bring their collective vision to the printed page.

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