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Fiume, Baranzate MI, Italy, 2020.

N.U.O.C Labyrinth gives new life to a former Games Club.

An area with few buildings: a bar, a soccer field, and a bowling alley; a place where the natural element is the real protagonist.

The metaphor "Eclipse - Conceal to show" draws the concept of observation as an active action conducted through the five senses.

Palummieri, M., Piccardi, M., Sciortino, M. (2020). Project System, Green and Built Elements.

The concept of Eclipse is realized drawing inspiration from the activities carried out by nature onto the Leftover building: it binds harmoniously to the artifice, highlighting and emphasizing what apparently remains hidden. It is a cover that does not harm, it does not deny but defines.

The park of Via Fiume 20 goes beyond the simple function of "looking" which would imply passivation of the subject. In this way, all the different areas inside the garden are fluid and stimulating, in each one the user is invited to be guided by one or more senses at the same time.

What happens here is Not A Conventional Observation (Non Un Osservazione Convenzionale, N.U.O.C).

Palummieri, M., Piccardi, M., Sciortino, M. (2020). Outside the Solar Cafe, Flower Wall.

Solar Cafe is a meeting point for young and old people, which carries out both horticultural and bar activities.

The walls outside the shop are completely covered by vegetation; the artifice binds to the natural so that the plants can dominate the scene, contributing to an improvement at an aesthetic level but above all on a functional one, having many of the selected essences purify the air, absorbing the fine dust.

Palummieri, M., Piccardi, M., Sciortino, M. (2020). Inside the Solar Cafe, Nature in the Bar.

Inside the structure, welcoming the visitors, an entire wall is used for the exhibition and sale of more delicate flowers and plants.

In the Solar Cafe, you can taste drinks, extracts, and essences obtained from the plants inside the park and those on sale in the shop.

Palummieri, M., Piccardi, M., Sciortino, M. (2020). The Labyrinth's Aviary, Observing the Butterflies.

Not far away, the old bowling alley hosts an Aviary, a structure suitable to recreate the ideal habitat for the life cycle of butterflies.

The aim is to let visitors know and learn the care and attention needed to be paid to the delicate insects.

The walls of the aviary make the most out of the potential of a metal mesh architecture, whose mesh, thick at the bottom, will become rarer as the height increases, gradually fading towards the sky.

The interior of the aviary is lush with plants, flowers, and fruits.

Inside butterflies and moths are alive and free to fly in balance with the environment that houses them; they court, feed and breed.

Here the visitors can study and observe the fascinating world of these animals, from the stages of egg development to the first flight.

Palummieri, M., Piccardi, M., Sciortino, M. (2020). The Observatory and Planetary, Night Observation.

Proceeding in the Labyrinth, one meets an Observatory and a Planetarium. Active and participatory meeting points, the center of a community that looks up, watching the sky night and day.

The structure of the observatory and planetarium is made up of wooden slats, whose adjustable inclination allows to find the right relationship between external and internal light for observation.

Palummieri, M., Piccardi, M., Sciortino, M. (2020). Private Hemispheres, Indirect Sky Observation.

The observation of the stars inside the observatory takes place directly, through the telescope, or indirectly through semi-spherical displays.

These are six suspended ceiling hemispheres, each descriptive of scientific information about astrological phenomena, within which the visitor can carve out an intimate space.

In the park of Via Fiume, a visitor can also find a decompressive path to connect with nature, and a multifunctional play-field to accommodate activities of the local community.

NUOC is the place of discovery, observation, and awareness.


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