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Fiume, Baranzate (Milan), Italy, 2020.

Curti E., Rosalba D., Valentina S. (2020). Existing leftover, Playing field.

The Park of the former Bocciofila of Baranzate abandons its condition of a place that had lost its function, an urban leftover, and is recovered and revaluated through the metaphor "ECLISSI" (Eclipse).

The sun, impossible to look at with the naked eye, represents the initial state of the leftover, whose real shape is outlined only with the cover of the solar disk and consequent definition of the crown.

The eclipse is, therefore, a metaphor for "hiding to show" and becomes a design tool to highlight what would remain hidden

Curti E., Rosalba D., Valentina S. (2020). Hidden Games, Eclipsed playing field.

The N.U.O.C. (Non Un Osservazione Convenzionale - Not A Conventional Observatory) is born from the idea of intercepting all natural phenomena into the concept of an observatory, from the most investigated to the most subtle, and show the objective reality with different points of view.

Curti E., Rosalba D., Valentina S. (2020). Not A Conventional Observatory, New Sky Pavilion.

The areas of the place are, in fact, traceable to three large strands: observation of the sky (to stop and look at what exists around us), nature (immersion in green creates individual paths) and gestures (non-verbal language is explained and framed).

Curti E., Rosalba D., Valentina S. (2020). Hidden Hammocks, Gestures and Nature.

Textures, barriers, overlapping, light and shadow are the keywords that emphasize the metaphor of the eclipse in the park hiding its elements to show an added value, unexpected and able to keep passers-by in constant observation and active interaction.


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