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Torquato Tasso 29, Varese, Lombardy, Italy, 2018.

The urban voids, the forgotten spaces of the modern city are places that are far from devoid of interest. These are spaces with not only a physical dimension but also an emotional and intimate one, as evocative memory places.

The lack of attention paid to them is determined by the way people move in the city and the prevalence of "seeing", rather than "observing" in everybody's habits. Seeing implies a non-selective look at reality and has to do with the visible surface of things. Observing means instead carefully considering to find out more.

FUORI CAMPO (off-screen) is everything that in the action of observing is normally left outside the frame, everything that is not seen, that is excluded by an imaginary boundary but is still part of the environment. Leftover buildings are Fuori Campo.

Comini E., Eugen M., Trojsi M. (2018). A door to the past", Analog photography.

The tilted plane is a fundamental device to spatially translate the idea of off-screen and of trespassing between what is at the centre of attention and what is at the edges. It stands as an entity that invites users to trespass and that regulates their movements within the space.

Comini E., Eugen M., Trojsi M. (2018). Exhibition Space.

In the exhibition space, amateurs and professional photographers have the opportunity to expose their images produced analogically. The space is characterized by three panels that gradually lean towards the interior of the room, inviting the user to enter.

Comini E., Eugen M., Trojsi M. (2018). Dark room.

The space of the darkroom and the development area is one of the most significant places, and it is a sensory space. The materials in the room have a link with the process of developing photography and with the perception that the user has of the space while performing an activity that involves all senses.

Comini E., Eugen M., Trojsi M. (2018). Projection Room.

Inside it videos, films and analogue images will be projected on a screen placed vertically in front of the viewer and on the ceiling. The multiplication of the screens will be accentuated by the presence of a mirror placed on the wall opposite the vertical screen. The aim is to create an immersive effect and undermine the normal conception of a room, allowing people to move freely and get into different positions. The entrance to the room is accompanied by a climb that occupies the entire floor, which makes travelling the space an unusual and unbalancing experience.

Comini E., Eugen M., Trojsi M. (2018). Garden Platforms.

In the garden, finally, five platforms are located pointing towards precise directions and configuring themselves as devices on which to stop, observe and take photographs of the surroundings according to new and different perspectives.


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