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Book Release: Design of the Unfinished

Edited by Luciano Crespi

Published by Springer as a part of The Urban Book Series

Last year as the world came to a standstill, there was something afoot.

In Luciano Crespi's creative lab, a new project was birthed. With the participation of key authors ranging from academics from Politecnico Di Milano, International authors, and a group of authors who contributed to the third part of the book titled Disciplinary Contaminations, Design of the Unfinished was conceived.

It is a new and radically different form of project, with the task of proposing a new aesthetic code and a style of thought aimed at creating shelters for nomads of the third millennium.

The book proposes that the design field in the 21st century will be destined to measure itself against temporariness and precariousness, also in terms of aesthetic practices. Based on this hypothesis, the text identifies the design of the unfinished as the perspective for attributing to the leftovers a character, which is representative of the conditions of the just begun century. Through a transdisciplinary, exhibition-like and reversible approach, the elements of degradation of the existing work are welcomed in the project as a "gift", to be translated into a syntax aimed at giving form and meaning to the internal and external environments, with the inclusion of "additional components".


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