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Book Project:

Karsh Kale, Builder of Sonic Worlds:

The Making of the Album - UP, and

The Seed Syllable Project

Behind-the-scenes look at the ideation, making, and release of the new album UP.

In production.


The project of a retrospective, or serial compilation of the work of a composer presents an intriguing framework for literary, aural and visual dialogues.


Followers, affectionatos and fans crave personal details on motive and the generative seed of the creative impulse; the interior world of the artist. And reciprocally, the artist engages a unique conduit, for all that was unsaid at the time of composition, towards the recollected landscape of circumstance. The aura surrounding works as they are made and put into the ether of public scrutiny is highlighted and celebrated as a viable means of communication.


To that end, the Karsh Kale Seed-Syllable Project delivers a long-term communication tool for intimate content, in hard copy, digtal rich media and special edition formats to strengthen the bonds of meaning and to make a milestone of a body of a life’s work in the trenches of intellectual thought It also situates the composer firmly and with academic integrity within the historic timeline, and crucial coincidence of other artists, correcting the inevitable phenomena of the relegation of art to silos, that occurs through the convenient designation of market labels and arti cial labels of genre.


The composer can exist as an artist among other artist, in the constellation of culture as whole, where music transgresses and crosses boundaries, real or imagined, in the service of the elevation of the human spirit. 


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