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Interior Futures


Edited by Harriet Harriss, Graeme Brooker, and Kevin Walker

Interior Futures, a multi-volume compendium of close-packed essays, was published in January of 2019 by Crucible Press of Napa Valley California, in collaboration with the principal leadership of the Royal College of Art’s Interior Design Programme, Dr. Harriet Harriss, and Professor Graeme Brooker, alongside Professor Kevin Walker of the Information Experience Design programme; as editors and authors.

The publication features outsider, avant-garde – even renegade – perspectives on the future of the interior and intentionally probes and provokes readers to envisage alternative practice frameworks. It is unlike any other volume written by or for interior designers. Responding to a framework of questions and scenarios, the consequences of pervasive, emergent, and often disruptive behaviours, technologies, materials, and actors are followed through to imaginative conclusions, forcing a departure from the comfort of any one disciplinary position. Far from suggesting that what can only happen next in an uninhabitable dystopia, this creative, inspired, poetic, and portentous confection posits that despite a sense of infinite instability, the equilibrium of non-aligned bodies set in constant motion, still offers a sense of belonging.

The book offers a compelling mandate for tomorrow’s interior designers, and serves to identify both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. With over forty essays, from various authors located globally, the book’s six volume/chapter structure explore distinct themes of interior design. The book’s release, on January 20th, 2019,  will coincide with multiple, collateral launch events organised by Crucible Press and its editors, alongside the cohort of authors who have participated in the creation of the book.

Available on Amazon Kindle, iTunes, in hard-copy special edition and in softcover formats, for pre-order online and live at collateral events. Scheduled exhibitions and installations include: Royal College of Art Launch Exhibition, Chiswick House Exhibition, Stockholm Design Week, Milan Design Week, Singapore Design Week.

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