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Chasing Invisible Starlight

Text and Story by Cinqué Lee

Illustrations by Floyd Hughes

Edited and designed by Charles A. Matz

Cinqué Lee creates an imagined past where animals and humans speak to each other still. His would-be hero is the young Stork Zakariah, who stumbles from one misadventure to the next, attempting to learn the age-old craft of the Bringer – the art of delivering a Bundle to its expectant Mother and Father. Every encounter reveals an unexpected piece of forgotten human history, slowly unravelling the real roots of our favorite family stories.


From naïve awkwardness to youthful braggadocio to wise beyond his years, Chasing Invisible Starlight follows Zakariah as he travels the hero’s path – a classic bildungsroman irreverently stumbling in and out of remembered narratives and running into familiar characters on the wrong stages, leaving them all joyfully unsettled in the wake of Cinqué’s artful storytelling.


This premiere edition was illustrated by Floyd Hughes, long time artist and illustrator working in the music, comics, and film production scenes. Floyd is an award winning educator.

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