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Interior Futures | Physical Three-Volume Set


Interior Futures grapples with the impossibility of beginning to imagine the future, and situates this struggle within the already contested space of the interior. Unlike other books written by and often for interior designers, this book features outsider, avant-garde and even renegade perspectives on the future of the interior and intentionally probes and provokes. Within each scenario, the consequences of pervasive, emergent and often disruptive behaviours, technologies, materials and actors are played out, forcing a departure from the comfort of any one disciplinary position. Far from suggesting that what can only happen next is an uninhabitable dystopia, this confection of creative, imaginative, poetic and portentous scenarios posit that despite a sense of infinite instability, the equilibrium of non-aligned bodies set in constant motion still offers a sense of belonging. In effect, this book offers a compelling mandate for tomorrow’s interior designers, and may even serve to identify both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


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