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Drawn Thought


Text and Sketches by Mike Cook

Executive Editors: Charles A. Matz, Jonathan Dillon, and Mitaali Katoch

Associate Editor: Steven Sculco

Mike Cook is a leading structural engineer, with significant contributions made to the design of many innovative buildings, to the development of the thriving Buro Happold practice and to the reputation of the profession. It was a stint as a student in the offices of Ove Arup, working with Ted Happold and Frei Otto, that would shape the kind of creative engineering he would seek to practice and the kind of creative engineer he would become - one who could take inspiration from music and nature and share his insights as a creative peer in the collective art of building. Drawn Thought offers readers a chance to hop into a little black Triumph Herald and tour Europe, hunting for the avant garde of the built, and follow Mike Cook's bildungsroman around the globe. His light-hearted and aphoristic storytelling reflects his earnest interest in sharing the lessons, examples, qualities, and skills that guided him in his practice - in particular the role of drawing collaboratively, which bridges differences and opens doors.

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