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The only thing that Zakariah wanted to be when he grew up was a Bringer like his wise old Uncle Ezekiel, who had been a Bringer for ages. A Bringer is a Stork who has taken The Oath to deliver a Baby from The Mountain of Victories to its Mother. But there was more to being a Bringer then just taking The Oath. It would take year after year of committed training before a Stork was ready to make a delivery all alone. One crystal blue sky morning, Zakariah nervously flew to meet Uncle Ezekiel at The Mountain of Victories - the oldest and largest mountain on Earth. That day was the beginning of Zakariah’s training to become a Bringer. Zakariah flew closer to the great big snow-capped mountain, he could see the busy mustering of the comings and goings of Storks. Mustering is a funny word I know so I asked when I heard this story and it means a bunch of storks together. Anyway, that is when Zakariah saw something he could not ever have imagined. A girl Stork, his age!, leaving the Mountain of Victories... with a Bundle in her beak... making the journey to deliver a Baby to its Mother. All on her own! He thought she must be making a delivery over the hill, not far at all. She flew right by him so close that they almost touched wing tips. Zakariah couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He thought she was pretty so that’s why he kept staring.

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