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The three Majesties, drawn together by a shared transformation, joyously put their arms over one another’s shoulders. Mel declared, “My dearest Zakariah, on the very day we met I was trapped and could not see the Star. Behold! You opened the doors of my heart and now I can see!” 

Balthasar added, “And I have looked inward and found myself. I didn’t even know I was lost!” And Gaspar lastly acknowledged, “Humbleness! That is all I needed and did not know. Why I found it in your presence can only be answered with grateful humbleness, oh friendly bird.” Mel concluded, “Thus, we can all see your Star now, Zakariah. We bear witness to the Star’s influence. It has illuminated a part of ourselves of which we had no prior knowledge. We now see the things that were previously invisible in us.” 


Zakariah walked from the circle of friends and turning to them said, “And I have found something in my myself that I did not know was there or that I needed.” His three friends nodded in encouragement together in his head. Zakariah said, “Because the fate of the Bundle has been entrusted in me, I see the world in a new light. And in my search I was guided by the light of an invisible. A star I will continue to follow until the Bundle is home.

The three crowned friends gestured to their heavily loaded camels. Mel explained, “We too have journeyed, to find you and thank the one to be born soon. Our camels bear trunks of gifts to celebrate the birth. May the day come that the Child shall bear a crown of its own. The three renewed noble ones walked to their camel’s trunks and unclasped their covers to display their contents to Zakariah. Mel’s trunk was filled to the brim with shiny new gold bars and coins. Gaspar cleared his throat to draw Zakariah’s attention to his trunk filled with “Frankincense!” He roared proudly, “For the coming new born’s birth!” Balthasar’s trunk was packed with “Myrrh!” he proclaimed, adding “Never forget its many attributes. From medicine to incense. It has served my kingdom well.” 


Zakariah understood and said, “Then it is agreed. We share an important role in this Baby’s birth. Let us finish our calling. It is not over yet.” He gestured at the Star that should have been there but was no longer above them. “Where has it gone?” Mel wailed.

“Fear not, all! Look there to the horizon!” Gaspar said from atop his camel, descrying the Star.

I have to finish the Bringing, my friends!” Zakariah said. “Thank you for teaching me what it means to be welcomed, needed and trustworthy! The Baby’s Mother can wait no longer!” Zakariah smiled to his friends, if a beak could smile. He took the Bundle tightly in his beak and spread his wings wide. A strong wind lifted him from the ground and sent him along his way into the sky towards the Star. 

Mel and Balthasar quickly mounted their camels beside Gaspar and they all gave chase after the twinkling Star in the cloudless blue sky. Gaspar pulled a ram’s horn from his side bag and blew a single note announcing the coming of the Baby’s birth. 

Zakariah looked back at his friends riding below as the wind lifted him higher into air, shooting him towards the Star at an incredible speed. He was soon only a speck far above to his friends. As he disappeared, his crowned friends opened their arms to the sky and roared, “It has always been and it shall always be!” 

Miles and hours away, while still floating on an air of destiny, Zakariah saw below him a man on a mule. The man was riding out, leaving a sturdy stable, close too its blown gown farm house. 

Unbeknownst to him, the Star’s light spilled down in a soft cone, enshrouding his tiny abode. Zakariah watched the cone narrow and brighten.

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